Sunday, September 9, 2012

Comments about a government's official's press conference

1. I followed up a government's official's conference & beared her facial expressions that are filled with hatred & antipathy

2. I sensed her hatred & malice towards her cousin NABEELRAJAB to prove to her masters their importance

3. Who were these journalists that filled the seats in her conference? How did they appear out of nowhere?

4. Her report which included footage of inverted trash & burned glass does not prove "terrorism" 

5. Although I rarely get angered by Bahrain gov officials & their loyalists, I was provoked when she described the martyr a terrorist

6. Bahrain claims protestors' terrorism although no building exploded & no one got kidnapped nor killed

7. Do not exclude the fact intelligence might be behind some of the chaos that surprise participants in peaceful demonstrations

8. According to her Ba'athist definition: corruptors & exploiters of #Bahrain's resources are national entities – Continued

8. Continued: whereas a person seeking reform is categorized as a traitor

9. The eloquent mentality of the opposition vs. the vindictive mentality of Bahrain regime's media will distinguish bet right & wrong

10. To this gov official we say: Remember AlSahhaf who defended Saddam's crimes & insulted his opponents? Learn from his fate

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